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  • Acoustic Soul Sessions is Back!!

    Hey there beautiful, 

    One thing I've never done well with is consistency. Except in loving someone, I think I've done an okay job there. And performing, I show up every time I perform and give it my ALL. 

    Blogging and putting on shows is something I have not been consistent with. I do not follow much of a routine in my life, and that's probably the reason why consistency has always been lacking. ANYWAY... 

    I started Acoustic Soul Sessions because I wanted to share super intimate curated events like those of Sofar Sounds with a community of Soul Nerds. We've had a few sessions beginning with a summer one, a fall one, and now we will have a spring one! 

    I am very excited about this one, as I've got a dope lady line up-not purpousfully, but that's what happened. Each of us will be sharing music as well as some stories behind the music. 

    Jade Zabric, Anna Diorio AKA Happy Accident, Lee Mo and myself will all be taking some time to share with you as unproduced and stripped down as we possibly can in the beautiful Drawing Room Space in Brooklyn. 

    Here is the link for the facebook event with more info about each of these beautiful ladies! This includes the ticket link as well! I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces out on what looks to be a beaufiul night of music! 





    Anna aka Happy Accident