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    When The Soul Nerds as a band began, It was clear that working with the best meant they weren't always going to be available. I knew that The Soul Nerds was going to be a collective of amazing revolving musicians. I knew that any music that I wrote, would sound different with the different people playing the songs-and that truly excited me. What I didn't realize was how hard it would be as a group to come together and get to play the music. And also the market for original music is... crazy, to say the least! But I continue writing, trying to get this group off the ground in a way that means we can share what we've been given to more people. While this is challenging work, I can't imagine NOT doing it. 

    When Chris and I came together to really start We Are Soul Nerds, we knew we wanted to highlight folks whose art we loved and respected and whose humanity we appreciated. This manifested itself in a couple ways. Firstly, we have our multimedia events. Then we had a songwriter showcase with other vocalists singing a songwriters work. Then we had the Soul, Hoops, and Hearts podcast. I at first was maybe a bit naive in thinking this would all have a huge audience immediately. This idea of instant gratification is not just on younger people, but on us 30-somethings too. Maybe I believed I had paid my dues, or was more important than I thought. But I realized, if I wanted people to see what I respected, I had to get it out there myself. With that said, I am rebooting the Soul, Hoops, and Hearts podcast (SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS) and I am also going to do a weekly write up for the month of April on the blog and social media of folks who I may not know IRL, but whose art and life has touched me. 

    We are also producing two events, The Spring Acoustic Soul Sessions (April 27th) and Black Joy: A Protest (June 18th) We will be updating the blog with that information and artist highlights as well!

    I look forward to getting back into it, because if you want something to exist in the world, the best way to do it is to create it yourself! 

    Be well all! 


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