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  • Soul, Hoops, and Hearts Podcast #8 with Mikal Amin

    Hip Hop, family, education, Blackness in America, communities, all these themes and more are the topic of conversation with myself and Mikal Amin. This podcast is, I believe a must listen for Hip Hop educators, lovers, heads, and anyone interested in hearing a new story from one of the most intelligent individuals I've had the pleasure to meet. 

    Mikal Amin also known as THE HIRED GUN is an interdisciplinary hip-hop artist and educator. "Hired Gun" is a veteran of nine international music and educator tours including extensive work as a State Department Cultural Ambassador through the American Music Abroad program, and as the Artistic Director for the Harlem Biennele “Our Better Angels” project. The Brooklyn resident has implemented master classes, cultural workshops, lectured and performed in over eight countries on four continents including Nepal, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Brazil, France and at such institutions and festivals as Arca Theater (Czech Republic), Columbia, Fordham, Alliance France, Palais De Tokyo (France), Shoko International Festival (Zimbabwe), Hip Hop Kemp (Germany), Azgo Festival (Mozambique), The Bushfire Festival (Swaziland) and The Lourve. The founder of Fresh Roots Music, and co-founder of Re:Education and Say Word Entertainment, he currently serves as program manager for Brooklyn Academy Music, and arts facilitator for the Cyphers for Justice at IUME, Teacher's College

    Follow Mikal Amin at twitter: @hrapgun instagram @freshrootsmusic